About Us

We love dogs, they add spices to our lives.
They bring us laughter and tears, making life's journey colorful and vibrant.

SoWoof is helping you to keep every memorable time with your furry pals,

and to share the joy to the world.


SoWoof was established in 2011 by me, Don, and my wife, Elle. We are dog lovers.

In February 2011 my beloved dog, Simba - an old Golden Retriever, was diagnosed with a brain cancer after his first seizure.He has repeated seizures every now and then. However besides that, he still acts very cheerful and active just as without any health issue. His life quality didn't change despite of the seizures. I just feel I would still be able to make Simba enjoy a few more years in his elderly age.

Unfortunately life didn't happen as we expected. In a quite dark night, he has a big seizure during his sleep. But this time he didn't recover as usual.  It's a deadly silence. Everything stopped - His seizure, his breath, and his heartbeat. Our world stopped turning too.

All in a sudden, he crossed the rainbow bridge. I never expect he will be away so soon. Because of the shock and sorrow, I locked myself up and keep crying for two months.

My wife, Elle, who is a designer, try to search  all pictures we took with him, make them to canvas, t shirts, pillows to cheer me up. Though they can never replaced our precious Simba, but they did warm my heart. They remind me all the good days we spent with Simba. Though they were just daily snapshots, but all are sweet moments. Thank you God for having darling Simba in our life.


Many of our pet lovers friends love this idea, and wish us design for their dogs too!

Therefore SoWoof was established shortly, based on compassionate heart to celebrate daily life with our furry pals. So together with a handful of creative designers we began designing personalized dog items for our customers, based on dog’s actual photos captured in any daily sweet moment. 

All photos can be printed on shirts, pillows, canvas paintings, key chains, stickers, mouse pads, magnets, bags, anything you can imagine putting photos on.  They are great idea for memories, gifts, fashion and decorations. And of course, we also make customized gifts for all pets including cats, ducks, rabbits not limit to dogs only.

SoWoof is proudly based in Hong Kong, where we have good designers and quality logistics service that we are able to deliver the joy to customers worldwide. We truly hope that you'll love our designs and enjoy all moments with your furry pals.


Don and Elle